Deadline Veränderung

Wenn ein Kunde Dateien erst später liefert oder der Übersetzer die Lieferung erst später liefern kann, wird automatisch die Deadline für die nachfolgenden Bearbeitungsschritte angepasst.



  1. Create an open project Trans+Proof
  2. Assign a freelancer for trans. Deadline will be automatically calculated based on the source words of the tasks
  3. Assign a freelancer for proof. The deadline should take into account the previous deadline for trans and the number of words per day for edit. Also keep in mind that the trados matrix for edit might differ from the trados matrix for trans, so that the number of source words between trans + proof are different.
  4. Delete the assignment for the trans freelancer.
  5. Create a new assignment with a different deadline for the trans freelancer (same one, pretend this is a deadline change. And yes, it would be easier if you could just change the deadline, but we do delete and recreate).
  6. This creation of  a new assignment will change the start and end date for the proof readers assignment.


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